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While you enjoy the legacy of Cloud Infrastructure and the features it inherits from cloud hosting, private cloud puts you on dedicated hardware in a physically isolated environment. We use the best Physical Hardware and Maximum resource utilization with powerfull control panel and API tools make it easy to use and adaptable.

Starting from $2256 / month

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Key Features


Security by complete isolation

By providing complete isolated physical hardware and allowing maximum resource utilization on your own cloud infrastructure is the key feature of a private cloud. This does not allow other customers to direct or indirect interference in your private cloud. This ensures that all the resources are fully utilized by you only.

Scalability and manageability

Scalability and manageability

As you have full control over your assigned resources and dedicated physical hardware which can be redistributed or scale using the control panel, you can redistribute vCPU or memory as you see fit. You get the same control panel to manage private cloud, API and infrastructure manageability tool as on the public cloud.

Connectivity options

Connectivity options

You can isolate your network by managing a private network using your control panel while keeping the connectivity to our side world or public cloud resources. You can connect to any hosted public cloud or data center using a VPN or fiber. This is totally customized and additive infrastructure which can be mold as per the requirement.



As Isolated hardware is provided with a private cloud it uses the full capacity of the assigned hardware and provides maximum performance base on Dedicated CPU and MaxIOPS fastest than SSD technology.

100% control on resources

100% control on resources

Control panel provides you full control of your resources and some of the great features that allow you to handle critical operation on a few clicks like backup, cloning, restoration, and IP floating.

Global availability

Global availability

A private cloud can be swing without any downtime as all our 8 data centers are interconnected, you can also Use a multi-region cloud server infrastructure with geographical redundancy across all data centers.

Virtual data center

Virtual data center, no heavy lifting required

Build your own cloud infrastructure can be used with the private or public cloud with low cost and less management staff. You do not need to do any obligatory long term commitments and no need to invest in Purchasing, configuring or maintaining your own hardware.

100% uptime

100% uptime

You do not need to spend money in migrating or upgrading the hardware while you are on a private cloud, By inheriting the features like inter datacenter connectivity, InfiniBand link, MaxIOPS we ensure that your private cloud will have 100% uptime SLA.


Hybrid cloud

We are combining a package of best features from private cloud and public cloud with all private cloud setups. This is allowing you to take benefit of dedicated isolated hardware with private cloud and additionally, high scalability, 100% Uptime SLA, High security and that is all at low cost.
You can consider this for all your critical and oscillate performing applications on this platform.

The most performant and simple-to-use private cloud

Unparalleled performance

Storage power from MaxIOPS

Introducing MaxIOPS combined with the private cloud industrial best platform and faster than SSD performance to serve Storage as a service to end customers. Unbeatable performance and high availability guaranteed.

Build your own cloud plans

You can redistribute the resource you got dedicated under your private cloud-like memory, CPU, etc. You can create your own plans for the CPU consuming services and maintain the resources from your control panel.

Networking, reimagined

You can use VPN or fiber connectivity to communicate with your private cloud server which gives faster connectivity and redundancy. Using a panel you can create your own public network, dedicated network.

Most performant private cloud

Highly advance infrastructure standing on the strong support of computing capacity, strong responsiveness, and sustainable network availability. Built-in features with private cloud give benefits to end-user on experiencing loading page time with minimal resource consumption and better quality.

Control panel

Dedicated CPU power

With Private cloud you get full control of managing your resources and reassign them as per your requirement. This way you can assure that you get full access of resources on your dedicated physical server.

Consistent performance

100% uptime, Smooth control panel, easy accessibility of resources , Strong network and much more which makes life simple and assured consistent performance from server.

Security and isolation

Secure by design

Private cloud is more secured than public cloud design wise, as its offer isolated environment, managed cloud infrastructure and dedicated resources.

Hardware isolation

We ensure that compute hosts for individuals are always dedicated for a each customer, This also allow reallocation of resources stress free.

Private cloud, managed

Have your team to manage your app and we will have our expertise to manage cloud structure and its infrastructure. All system is monitored and highly secure.

Control over your cloud

Sentimental and well managed configuring system allows complete control over dedicated resources under, vCPU , memory for private cloud infrastructure.

No noisy neighbors

With Private cloud and isolated environment direct or indirect interference is strictly restricted by the design and avoid noisy neighbor issues with dedicated compute resources.

Private networking

Private cloud backing up with strong interconnectivity and strong network. features like floating IP , Onfly migration, Scaling ability, Faster Than SSD storage keep Highly available of cloud server makes private cloud more stronger.

Connectivity options

Bring your own IP addresses

We do allow to use IP blocks from your assignments and use it with private cloud.

Dedicated and shared public networks

We provide IP pool available for your public cloud for within your subnet which is dedicated under your ownership.

Multi-cloud networking

Even if you using multiple clouds dont worry about to manage it, you can connect any cloud from your private cloud with us.

Connect to on-premises

You can manage your cloud or another data center securely from your office network, strong support is provided for connectivity using fiber and VPN.

Private networks

Cloud infrastructure is build so well that its works perfectly within your private cloud , plublic cloud and even with multiple region datacenter. This works with most of the technology and allow to use it with minimal configuration requirements.

Connect private and public resources

All the resources available under the provate cloud and supported by strong hardware and network connectivity. Further to re-distribute it , private cloud manager panel comes with MaxIOPS scalability for your infrastructure .

Choose your plan, deploy as many cloud servers as you like.

Private cloud Pricing, Simplified

Faster-than-SSD block storage
$0.42 /GB /mo
General purpose block storage
$0.09 /GB /mo
1 Gbit/s per cloud server
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