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Simple Pricing

A few common questions

About our pricing

Simple plans

Our Simple plans are billed by the hour, up to a limit of 672 hours per month. Should you need fewer hours, you will only be billed for the hours you used. And for added flexibility, you can add resources such as extra block storage or additional IP addresses based on our standard hourly rates.

Flexible plans

With our Flexible plans, you decide yourself how much CPU, memory and block storage your cloud server is allocated. This gives you incredible flexibility and allows you to fully customise your cloud server according to your specific needs.

Can I switch between Simple and Flexible plans?

You are always free to switch between our Simple and Flexible plans, without having to delete or deploy your cloud server again. Simply pick which plan you want in our control panel and you’re all set!

100% uptime SLA with 50x compensation

We are so confident in our redundant cloud infrastructure and in-house developed technology, that we offer a 50x compensation for any disruptions of more than 5 minutes.

Will I be charged when I sign up?

No, we will only verify your credit card when you sign up or add it to your account. Your credit card is only charged when you make a payment or have chosen to opt-in to automated payments.

Do you charge for VAT?

VAT is added whenever you make a payment, according to the rules of your country. The taxation percentage will depend on your country of residence, but does not apply to users from outside the EU.

Automated payments

To make sure that your cloud servers are always up and running, you can configure automated payments. Unlike monthly subscriptions that simply charge once every 30 days, our automated payments look after your account balance and only schedule top-ups when needed based on your usage and the limits you set.

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