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Guaranteed 100% uptime with industries one of top-notch MAXIOPS storage technologies which perform faster than SSD cloud servers. Powerful Control panel and advance API tools will be concentrating on saving your valuable time and grow your business. Easy deployment and handling of cloud infrastructure allow customer to spin-up custom images.

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Key Features


Enhancing Cloud Fundamental with MAXIOPS

Cloud Infrastructure followed by best Physical Hardware and Maximum resource utilization with powerful control panel and API tools.

super flexible

One Click scaling and super flexible

We are at our best to flexible scaling of resources and you will Enjoy the liberty of choosing ideal plans or to customize resources as and when required (RAM,CPU,Storage and IP Address).

private networking

Floating IPs and private networking

Cloud Infrastructure allows you to build your own customize private network which is interconnected with our whole infrastructure, this allow you to float your IP from one network to another as possible.


Deployment and management

Platform Independent

Platform Independent (Linux / Windows)

You can use your own CUSTOM ISO or any freely available template and build your server. You can even create your own from backup and reuse it by restoring it.


Deployment and management

Cloud infrastructure deployment and management make it simple and easy to handle by end user. Server gets boosted with MaxIOPS storage technology in no time and get available for customer.

Server images and cloning

Server images and cloning

This facilitates customer to create staging environment to test and build its own infrastructure with customization and other facilities.

Control panel

Self developed and improved Control panel

Fully functional and user-friendly tools will allow you to manage and control the properties of your infrastructure and gives the complete insight of your account.


Backup with scheduler and snapshots

With All the cloud servers you will get the backup option which will allow you to take and schedule the backup and and when needed also it will allow you to restore the backup you have.

Infrastructure and networking

Control panel

Powerful Control panel, developed in-house

Provided control panel allows customer full control of infrastructure and to give you a complete insight into your billing.


Native IPv6 Support

Cloud server has capability to enroll and use Native IPv6 address version support free of charge. This is for advance user who can manage it.

Sustainable CPU

Sustainable CPUs Family

Providing High performance no matter the workload, both single and multi-threaded, we use latest Intel processors to Sustainable CPUs performance.

Top-notch MAXIOPS

Top-notch MAXIOPS storage

With MAXIOPS which is enterprise-grade SSDs but goes up to 2x faster compared to industry-standard cloud servers which doesn't throttle performance based on how much you pay.

Cross connectivity

Cross connectivity with Privacy

All Data centers are interconnected securely and allow end user to use this connectivity with multi-geolocation applications, which not only gives high availability but also assures application without a single point of failure.


InfiniBand link support

Cloud infrastructure is supported with InfiniBand which is a type of communications link for data flow between processors and I/O devices that offers throughput of up to 2.5GB/ps and support for up to 64,000 addressable devices.

Compliance and security

User Access

User Access management

Smart work can be done in team and for that you might need to allocate the access base on the roles of them to your server infrastructure for that we provide free user management tool.

Secure Customer

Secure Customer data

With us you combined into a service agreement with a company registered in Finland and all your data is thus protected under Finnish and EU legislation.

Critical Remote console

Critical Remote console(Out-of-band HTML5)

Admins are human being and miss-configuration can be happen to your network and locked yourself out, for such situation we provide critical remote console so you can always has access to rectify the changes.



Highly configurable firewall filters the hackers and attack even before it reaches to your server. This will minimize the customers unwanted resource usage secure them from hacking attempts.

Two-factor authentication

Free Two-factor authentication

We understand the data security and respect customer privacy. To layer-up customer privacy we have free Two-factor authentication for server so that no one else access your servers without knowing you.


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